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Operations Processing & Insight

Streamlining Operations: Processing and Insight Optimization

All our departments are of international standards, we use imported, state-of-the-art production plants to produce quality nimco & snacks.


During the process of frying, we ensure that our cooks are trained enough to maintain hygiene and quality of the snacks so that it remains fresh till the purchase is made. In addition to this, we also ensure that our snacks are healthy with low calories.


FM foods process and pack its product in the best hygienic conditions by enforcing international quality criteria. We ensure this by frequent quality monitoring and thorough inspection of our products as per the international standards. Our products are adequately measured, distributed, and packaged in boxes, ready for the nearest wholesaler or our very own storage units.


A great level of research has been undertaken to ensure that our store has the appropriate temperature, location, and packaging ensuring that the quality of snacks is intact, and hygiene and freshness of the product is maintained until received by the customer.


We often make changes to our shipping process to make sure that we are able to set the required order to ship to your door in the right time and in the right condition regardless of the number or type of snacks ordered by store, wholesaler, retailer or online customer.


These men are the core employees of FM foods as they ensure that hygiene and optimum quality of the places, where the whole process of preparing the snacks to delivering takes place, is maintained.

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