Learning and Development with Qasim Shah

A motivational session was held and honored by the presence of Mr. Qasim All Shah. Although he needs "' no introduction as he is dose to hearts of many professionals and those know him personally, a brief introduction is in order: He is o distinguished trainer, professional speaker and writer. and hos been of service in the education field since lost 16 years. He has provided trdin1ngs in nearly every department in Pakistan. including government forces, police forces. civil servants. universities. banks, and the corporate sector.

CEO-FM Foods. invited Mr. Shah who provided on informative and interactive session to the staff, which was a complete success. The session focused on team-building, adopting to o changing environment, and working under challenging conditions lo provide quality and successful results. Alter a mind-boggling and hearty Q&A round, the session come to on end with dinner, on the house!

Learning and Development

With Mufli Muhammad Qasim Religious scholar

This session, held in October 2016 with Multi sb, was geared towards understanding how religion plays its roles not only in our personal lives, but also our professional lives. This included understanding our roles as honest and valuable employees, and understanding the importance of truly and integrity in our everyday professional lives.