Client Evening

FM FOODS hosted a client evening at new premises, followed by business awards and Staff awards

The 16th annual award ceremony was held at FM Foods on February 19, 2016. The evening was exceptionally well-attended by a diverse spectrum of business leaders, business distributers, religious scholars. and intellectuals from various fields, generating on overall positive feedback from the business community hosted by staff of FM Foods.

Business Awards

This awards ceremony was held to acknowledge and praise our existing distributors and oil those who mode FM foods o powerful and famous brand and made its products accessible to the consumers. Awards were also presented lo our leading distributors and gifts were distributed through lucky draws. We were pleased to receive incredible and remarkable feedback from attendees.

Staff Awards

At FM Foods we believe our staff team is nothing short of family. To highlight their hard work and dedication to the company for the-past 16 years, a Staff Award Ceremony was held to appraise our o loving team members. Among the gifts and prizes were Umrah Packages and bikes.

Factory Workers Recognition

Another initiative by FM Foods was the Cash Reward Program, for factory workers in last quarter of 2016. It was organized by the Human Resource Management to acknowledge the efforts of workers at the factory. This is yet. Another step towards recognition and motivation of our ground teams. Cash award + Bikes were distributed among workers on the basis of their performance in terms of healthy work atmosphere.