Dispatch & Store

Research And Development

In the past. consumers required enough raw food items for their kitchen but now consumers mandating certain characteristics in food products like appearance, convenience. nulrition. value for money, taste. safety etc. In order to meet consumer demand the management of FM Foods has set a clear vision for the coming days. We are maintaining the quality of various snack products by utilizing a well established QC laboratory. All the incoming raw materials pass through the quality checks for Further processing. To Further ensure the the quality we grind all the row spices for in house production of snack seasonings. Active consumer participation and innovative ingredient manufacturers are the integral part of our product development activities. For innovative snack products. we ore utilizing seasoning lab for new tastes, our workshop for machine design and pilot extrusion. frying line ond sheeting line for desired shapes. texture and achievements. In short. we happily allowed our children at home to enjoy FM Snack Products. You are welcome to be a part or our R&D team by sharing any new idea for snocks, we are here to try to develop that Snack.

Marketing And Sales

As we hit the year 2017, we at FM FOODS are nearing uncharted territory. and it's truly exciting to note the changes. Among he many innovations we have applied. the addition of the state-of-the-art latest technology (for production standards) has vastly increased both inside and out or the company in many positive ways. Our customers and consumers are now able to have the best snacks and nimko ranges in the country with proper hygiene products followed by high quality taste and standards. The competitive spirit drove the team at FM Foods, to pull off what at the time, Felt almost impossible. We bonged the red line, selling around twelve million five hundred thousand (12,500.000) packets a month. Provisionally, it is estimated that these sales figures will be mulitiplied by decent percentage every upcoming month, having In place a great management team, dedicated customer service department, new and innovative marketing tactics and diversifications in the product-line. As we look forward to the remainder of the year with much anticipation and excitement. We want you to join in the experience! Follow us on Twitter, "Like" us on Facebook. and tune Into our YouTube channel. We do our best to always move lrom less assertive methodologies to those that are more assertive and more effective. because we believe that's where the results ultimately lie.

Janitorial Department

One of the primary factors that promotes a conducive work environment is of course the environment! Our janitorial team stands out in quality work. providing us with the exact atmosphere and space. day in and day out, to enable us to provide quality work around the clock. If it weren't for them, we'd surely be a mess!