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Before FM Foods became a flourishing industry, it was a small, home-based setup making snacks in 1999. Research led to the initial aspiration, which revealed a market gap between consumer and product. A resourceful marketing person was needed, who could put his talents to use in providing customers with the true variety of tastes, and also bridge the gap of quality and expectations of the customers. Sensing the gap, the founder of FM Foods became dedicated to establishing a small papad factory, holding on to the firm belief that one day his small company would grow into a into a leading snack industry. With hard work, dedication, and determination, his dream came true. It came as a pleasant surprise to see the overwhelming response to the home-based factory products, which although targeted towards children, had gained popularity among all ages.

In 2005 the factory became a lucrative industry and was officially established as FM Foods, gaining a name, a face, and popularity in the snack industry and among the masses. FM Foods has now become one of the leading “go-to” companies for nimko and snacks. Children are especially drawn to the snacks’ unique shapes and different taste, while adults are fond of the wheat based Nimkos which provide the daily required nutritional value.

Today, the title of FM Foods is an established brand and is synonymous with quality, taste and variety. It has widespread fame in the Pakistani market as a leader in the Snack and Nimko industry.
To be the No.1 snacks manufacturer of Pakistan, with the largest range of snacks and to be present in every household.
To redefine the art of snacking by not only manufacturing a wide range of snacks but by continuously improving the nutritional standards. By adapting to new technology and innovating, we intend to improve the processes and products to ensure the delight of our employees, our consumer and our business partners. Striving to ensure high profitability for our stakeholders, while being environment friendly and sustainable is our foundation stones which will lead to our vision fulfillment.
One of the core beliefs at FM Foods is that the company is responsible and accountable to the society for all its actions. Seeding this view at the heart of the belief system, all the process and products at FM foods are planned ensuring the betterment of the society. The products are not only eco-friendly, but the company strives to make the lives of the less privileged better in today’s time through snacks at affordable prices. FM Food understands and deeply values the life of its consumers and feels responsible for their future. It considers itself accountable to the society on the whole. It always strives hard to exceed their expectations and delight them.

FM Foods provides equal employment opportunities for local. It embraces diversity and strictly negates gender discrimination. Responsibility for the wellbeing of its employees also resonates in each and every action of the company. It supports the personal and professional development of its employees ensuring to improve their living standards. The culture at FM foods is of a closely knitted group where each employee is looked after and is provided counseling and training on regular basis. Along with this continuous infusion of high standards that are of benefit to the society, the company actively supports various charitable organizations and groups


Establishing a relation with consumer based on complete honesty and truth. Maintaining transparency at all levels.


Continuously enhancing living standards by innovating or improving products/processes.


Exceeding consumer’s expectations through healthy and innovative products.
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